Spend your weekend doing something different. Why not try our short breaks equestrian holiday with a combination of Equestrian Academy lessons and Trail Rides and stay at our fine selection of comfortable hotels, guesthouses and B&B's

Sample Programme:

You could arrive at your hotel on Thursday evening or Friday morning. 


Introduction to our facility, our horses and our staff. We then introduce you to the horse or pony you are riding with an introductory lesson. After a hearty lunch we all go out on your first trail ride. 

Once we have finished riding and taking care of the horse we will drop you back to your hotel for a shower and change because we are off for a night of entertainment in our fine selection of Dublin pubs. Enjoy the "CRAIC AGUS CEOL" for the night and maybe go to nightclub afterwards. Our guides can tell you the best places to go!


Have a relaxing breakfast then join us for a lesson in Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country. If you struggle with belance or position maybe try a lunge lesson with our chief instructor Maeve.

After a hearty lunch in our canteen you can nurse your hangover or immerce yourself in our busy Riding School. You can relax with a book or go to see Dublin's fair city.