Holistic Horse Retreat – Horse Riding & Wellbeing Holiday

Relax, Revitalise & commune with Nature. Refresh your body and your mind with Yoga, Art, Literature, Archery & Meditation classes. Exploring the green, fresh Irish Countryside on foot and on horseback. Admire the spectacular views over Dublin and much of Leinster. Relax in the long grass with a good book & glass of wine. Try your hand at painting the spectacular scenery or practise sketching horses grazing. Find your centre and restore your inner balance with Yoga and meditation classes. Focus on achieving your goals and hitting your targets in Archery. Breathe in the fresh country air and let your mount take you through the majestic mountain trails. Practise the relaxing grooming ritual and bonding experience with your horse.

Horse Riding Lessons, Trail Rides & Horsemanship Lectures. Art, Literature, Archery, Yoga, Meditation, 1 Full Day Trail Ride, 1 Introductory Lesson & Trail Ride, 1 Stable Management Seminar, 5 Lunches, 1 Half Day Excursion, 1 Group Dinner with Entertainment