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Our Riding Lessons:

“I take weekly lessons at Coolmine and always have a great experience, the staff are excellent and I feel I'm always learning. The place has so much to offer for both adults and children, there is show jumping, riding camps, trail rides and much more. I would highly recommend a visit..see you there!!” - Yaz

Our Trail Rides:

“Trail rides at Coolmine Equestrian are such a great way to spend an afternoon! Great horses with confident and friendly instructors. The area is so picturesque with an interesting tour along the way and trails to suit every level. A definite must for those wanting that little bit more from their weekend! I would highly recommend Coolmine Equestrian Centre.” – S.J. Lalor

Our Summer Camps:

“My daughter had a fabulous week there in April,a really professional and well run establishment,we will certainly be back.” – Cal M.

"Ciara has arrived back and is missing everyone at Coolmine. She had a great time! Thank you for everything and for making her time there so enjoyable! She has made a friend and wants to go back next year! She has fallen in love with Dancer. I know she wants to come again"

Our events:

“A truly great laugh and fabulous team that made our hen party feel very welcome loved the champers and cake we’ll be talking about it for a long time. Will definitely go back when we are back in Dublin.” – E. Rainsley

"Coolmine Equestrian Centre is truly a wonderful facility,one of the best I have been to. It is well operated and well maintained. It was a pleasure to be there and I look forward to being back. Sincerely, Franklin Levinson"
-Franklin Levinson, World renowned Horse Whisperer - 10th May, 2010

Coolmine Equestrian in the Media

"Coolmine Equestrian Centre at Saggart is one of those places that seem to have everything for the beginner up to the more experienced rider. It has a very large airy indoor arena as well as an extensive outdoor schooling arena. But what makes it special for me is the friendliness of the staff and the teachers, and what appears to be their intimate knowledge of every horse in the centre, and its strengths and weaknesses. For a bit of excitement their cross-country course is hard to beat. I think that all round, Coolmine has to be one of the best schools presently available."
-VIP Magazine – Best Of Ireland – Best Riding School

Voted 2nd in the Top Ten Best Equestrian Centres Ireland
"One of the most renowned riding schools near to Dublin City, Coolmine Equestrian Centre covers all aspects of horse riding from lessons to trekking to horse riding holidays. The spectacular 80-acre estate affords a view of bustling Dublin City from the quiet countryside in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. The school has a personalised Career Development Programme for riders who wish to have a career with horses, train for the BHS Exams, HSI Coaching Levels, FAS courses or to simply develop as a professional rider."
-www.ireland.com's Bridget DeMeis, 24th January 2012

"I could see the 20 miles all the way back to Tara from Coolmine, Saggart, Co Dublin where the Lynch Family have established their Equestrian Club. No wonder Brian Boru and High King Malachy used this same commanding ridge between Dublin and Naas for a combined victory over the Danes exactly one thousand years ago. The view is breathtaking, the air invigorating and the surrounding country has a surprisingly rural tranquillity about it, while being only slightly removed from the bustle of our capital city."
-The Irish Field – 13th February, 1999

How to Judge Your Horse Riding Ability

Here are some guidelines to help you judge your riding ability:

Horse Riding Ability Levels

BEGINNER: A rider with little or no experience.

NOVICE: A rider who is comfortable and in control at the walk and/or trot but has limited experience trotting and/or cantering.

INTERMEDIATE: A rider who is confident and in control in all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.

ADVANCED: All of the above plus the ability to handle a spirited horse in open country.

All of our horses are ridden in English style. Western-type saddle experience is considered non-rider, without English riding lesson –one needs to be familiar with English saddles and comfortable with rising trot and canter.

Please give us accurate information about your riding, health, weight and fitness and note that riders will be assessed in the arena before we leave the yard.

Children and adults must take the advice of our Ride Leaders. Any misbehaviour or anti social behaviour towards staff or animals cannot be tolerated. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 should be accompanied on the guided trail ride by an adult.


If you are fit and not overweight, you will be safer, ride better and you and your horse will enjoy yourselves more.

Weight limit for competent, fit riders: 16 stone / 224lbs.

Weight limit for novice, beginner riders: 15.5 stone / 215lbs.

Note: For heavier riders, we do have a strong Irish cobs and Irish Sports Horses. Please discuss when making the booking.



Parent's Guide

Dear Parents,
At CEAD-Ireland, your child is our primary concern. We have, over the years, designed the one of the best multi sports and equestrian summer camp and holidays available in Ireland. We combine structured educational sessions with the fun and games synonymous with summer camps and provide the most relaxing atmosphere for equestrian holidays. At CEAD-Ireland we aim to positively enhance every visitors equestrian education.

We pride ourselves on our child friendly, professional staff who are trained to ensure the needs of all our campers and holidaymakers are met. The emphasis on all our camps and holidays is on taking part. Our daily programme is designed to ensure excitement, fun and variety in each day. We are proud of our camps and holidays, they have been tried and tested and we know that our programme will offer you a very worthwhile experience.

Registration and Group Organisation

Registration will take place on the first morning of the camp or holiday. Each child will be allocated a group for the week in camps.
Being in the right group is very important to children. It is very important to us too! Children are grouped according to their age, level and abilty. This is by far the most practical method when organising a range of leisure and equestrian activities. Children often ask to be placed with their brother/sister/friend. There is no problem with this, provided they are roughly the same age and ability level. As some activities on our programme are physically challenging, it is not appropriate to have children of various ages in the one group. Please do not worry as this system is tried and tested and works well.
Following registration, group rolls will be taken; our Camp Manager will welcome the children, introduce our staff and brief them on the week’s activities. It is our aim that activities will commence no later than 10:30am.


Should your child not have a friend going to camp, do not worry, as our staff will introduce your child to new friends during our start the day icebreaker activities.


There will be plenty of breaks each day. As the children may be more active than usual it is essential that they are taking enough fuel on board. Day camps will need to bring a packed lunch and 3-4 non fizzy drinks. Residential campers will have full lunches provided for them with drinks and fruit available for all campers.
Breaks, downtime and meal times are fully supervised by our staff.


In hot weather: day campers parents should ensure your child has plenty of drinks, a sun hat and apply sun protection cream. There is usually plenty of this available at the centre. 
In inclement weather: ensure your child wears appropriate rain wear to camp.

Footwear and clothing:

Please ensure that your child has suitable equestrian clothing including johdpurs and boots, skull cap with up-to-date safety standard and some runners for the activity sections and day trips. 

Notice Board:

Our summer camp notice board is located inside the main entrance. This is updated daily and all the information regarding activities, what your child needs etc will be available there.

Lost Property:

Each evening any lost property will be displayed in the hall. Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are labelled.

Collecting your child Day Campers:

Camp ends between 3.30 and 5.30 p.m depending on the level of selected camp. In the interest of safety, the instructors will lead the all groups to the collection point each evening, (younger children are allowed leave the collection point with their older brothers and sisters ). The rest of the campers - must be collected in the front entrance lobby within one hour of their camp ending. Should something arise whereby a parent will be late please notify us as soon as possible so the neccessary arrangements can be made. 

***Campers are automatically enrolled for a full day of camp 9:30 / 10.30 am to 3:30 / 5.30pm. However if you wish, you may collect your child earlier by prior arrangement with the camp manager.***


Photographs and videos may be taken at the camp for promotional reasons, no one child will be the main focus of this footage but visitors occasionally may be seen.


220px-SaintkevinschurchIreland’s vibrant history is reflected in a striking variety of prehistoric evidence scattered across the country, like megalithic tombs and dolmens, Celtic ring forts and burial sites - each of them with its own individual local legend and myth. The Celtic culture and language dominated Irish history for thousands of years, and even now, that legacy is still with us. The famous St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland in the 4th century. Christianity brought about the building of beautiful churches and abbeys along with the widespread development of monastic settlements. One monastic settlement was erected by a monk called Mosacra in the 7th century in the townlands of Saggart. Saggart is the Irish word for Priest and hence the village was named after him. From this outpost Mosacra spread Christianity leaving his legacy in the area until the Viking invasions of the 9th and 10th century. There is one section of this settlement remaining at the Lynch family farm overlooking the outdoor arena where trail rides begin. Some trail rides pass the remains of an Irish Ring fort in the Dublin forest which dates back to the 9th/10th century. Vikings discovered these vulnerable settings and raided many of these tempting targets of their precious ornaments and wonderfully crafted books. In an attempt to save their relics, the monks built distinctive round towers, which Vikings couldn’t loot. You can find round towers in the local village of Clondalkin and the picturesque early medieval monastic settlement at Glendalough.

220px-The Round Tower at Glendalough Co. Wicklow Ireland 2012Centuries later in the 12th century war was waged between the British Crowns forces and most rebellious of Irish families over lands and holding. In the 13th Century the notorious Irish Families of the O'Toole's and O’Byrne’s waged a "War of Fire and Sword" against the Crown. During these years tenants fled and lands became barren whilst Coolmine became the stage for numerous rebellions against the Crown. They burnt out farms, pillaged and laid waste to villages in the area under the Crowns rule. 
At this time the lands of Saggart and Coolmine were regarded as "lands of war" where the Crown deployed armed forces to guard its property at Saggart against the "Irish of the mountains of Leinster... Felons and Rebels"

The Lynch family looked for any leftover precious gems, artefacts or gold in 1911 when John "the Boss" Lynch bought the estate. There was only an old underground passage where women and clergymen fled with the churches precious gold and jewels which surfaced in Rathcoole.

Today Dublin's hidden charms may be forgotten but its history resurfaces when our guides greet tourists from all over the world with a warm welcome and a "CEAD MILE FAILTE" (A hundred thousand welcomes)


Guided Tour Ireland

- Escorted Irish Tours & Vacations

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"What an excellent experience with just fantastic staff beautiful location magnificent view and perfect horses. Top notch.."

"My daughter had a fabulous week there in April,a really professional and well run establishment,we will certainly be back."

"Ciara has arrived back and is missing everyone at Coolmine. She had a great time! Thank you for everything and for making her time there so enjoyable! She has made a friend and wants to go back next year! She has fallen in love with Dancer. I know she wants to come again"

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